“Sheroes” to “She rose”

A soul that speaks

‘’You deserve a love that listens when you sing, that supports you when you act like a fool,
That respects your freedom, that accompanies you when you fly and isn’t afraid to fall” – Frida
As a child I faintly remember our domestic maid speaking to Maa about her husband and her in laws.
How they use to abuse her physically.
Back in our childhood days I remember I had visited one of my best friends in the afternoon.
Poonam’s mother was a senior superintendent in a hospital and her father was working in SAIL,
Rourkela. Her mother was on a night shift the previous night and the next afternoon when I went
there to play with Poonam I saw her mother waiting for her husband. In spite of the fact that her
duty did not allow her to have any rest the night before , she returned home…

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I am Glass


I let you see through myself

I am glass

I let you see yourself

I am glass

I let you quench your thirst

I am glass

I complete your house

I am glass

Don’t abuse me, don’t break me, don’t shatter me!

I am glass!


False starts!

False starts are common in athletics when an athlete makes an incorrect or inappropriate attempt to begin a race or an event. Athletics being a sporting activity gives the athlete another chance to rectify his start. What about our day to day life? Do we get a chance to rectify something? If yes, how often?

Most of us would agree that our life bears strong resemblance to athletics, or for that matter any sport. False starts too are common in most of the tasks that we perform in our day to day life. Some have the ability to auto correct themselves while the others do not have the desired results that we expected. When it does not go as planned, it is important that we don’t get bogged down. Instead, it is better to learn from that experience and start over again even if it means we have to unlearn things that we know, eschew our ego. Key is to stay motivated and not lose hope. Let the false start be a motivating factor and not a discouraging one.

First blog post

Hello world! I work in the software industry specializing in software testing. I am a newbie to the blogging world, in fact in the writing domain, and this is my first blog to date. I have always had this desire, although dormant, to be a good writer. To be honest, as I am scribbling this piece, I am completely blank as to what topics or areas should I write on. However, I would like to use this forum to share my ideas, experiences professionally as well as personal, in the hope that it would help someone someday and last but not the least to improve my writing skills. I know I am entering into, by far, an unknown territory as far as my skills are concerned. With good support and feedback, I hope to continue working on this skill and be a regular blogger. Feel free to share your feedback, opinions on this post. I would appreciate any kind of feedback.